How am I going to manage teaching my kid?

Our system works for us and I think could work for most home schools whether you are dealing with a child with learning challenges or not. We use a secular curriculum from a variety of sources and try to keep some structure throughout our day. There are a lot of great curriculum options available and I knew I wanted something that was user friendly, fairly comprehensive, and customizable for the pace and learning style of my child but also didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  

As I started preparing to home school I also realized that I needed a way to stay organized and manage our time to be able to cover everything we wanted to get done without getting completely lost or overwhelmed. I also knew I needed some sort of reporting system so if we decide to move back into a public or private school setting or just getting ready for college transcripts I would be able to show the learning and progress we have accomplished.


About reedacademy2010

This is the blog for our journey into Homeschooling. My name is Julie and I am the Headmistress of Reed Academy, our Home School. I am married to a great guy, and mom to a beautiful daughter. I used to work full-time in the networking industry but I gave that up and now I love being able to home school my daughter and working my Mary Kay business as well. I love to travel, especially via cruise ship and to Disney World. I would like to visit Europe, Asia and Australia in the next few years. I have aspirations to one day hold some sort of public office and I think I might like to open a school or enrichment center for children with Autism.
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