What’s in Your Workboxes Wednesday 8/11/2010

Welcome to “What’s in Your Workboxes Wednesday!”  This is a post I plan to update each week for a couple of reasons.  First, updating the blog will motivate me to keep my workboxes fresh and second, I want to share what I am doing as well as learn what others are doing with their workboxes.  If I have and idea and you have and idea we each of have one idea but if we share our ideas now we both have 2!  I don’t know about you but I love to learn from others so I can expand my repertoire and not reinvent the wheel.  If you are using workboxes I would love to know from you What’s in Your Workboxes!

Our main curriculum is computer based so I use our workboxes primarily for supplemental work.  This week we are doing review so here is what we have in our workboxes:

I like to start her days with a puzzle to get her mind working and to help her get used to the idea that now it is time to be focused, plus she really like them so he is eager to start her day and see what puzzle she gets to work on.

The 2nd box here is a handwriting practice sheet that incorporates the days of the week.  There is also an alphabet and number dot-to-dot sheet to give more pencil practice.

The 3rd box is a file folder activity for identifying things that are alive and not alive.  This goes along with her current science studies.

This next box has her typing software.  We are doing typing 3 days a week and she is picking it up quite nicely.  Handwriting is difficult for her so we are trying to get her comfortable typing.

I love the Leapad plus writing system!  Right now she is working on Easy Reader Phonics Kit 1 and really enjoying it. 

The other box ha a set of cards and plastic shapes.  This is a pattern matching activity that helps with sequencing and basic math skill.

The last box of the day is a coloring page.  I like to keep this consistent for several reasons.  She likes to color and it ends the day on a happy note, by keeping it consistent it helps reinforce that the day’s lessons are finished, it helps to build muscle tone and coordination for handwriting without feeling like work to her.

So that’s what we have in our workboxes this week.  Tune in next week to see what changes we have made.  Also, if you are using workboxes please leave a comment to share what you have in your workboxes this week, I’d love to know!


About jreed1920

I am a mom to a beautiful daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We started homeschooling in January 2010 and it has been the best educational decision we have ever made. We use an ecclectic curriculum combining online learning with lapbooking and lots of hands-on, natural setting learning. We use Sue Patrick's Workbox System to keep it all together.
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