What’s In Your Workboxes Wednesday 8/18/2010

Welcome to “What’s in Your Workboxes Wednesday!”  This is a post I plan to update each week for a couple of reasons.  First, updating the blog will motivate me to keep my workboxes fresh and second, I want to share what I am doing as well as learn what others are doing with their workboxes.  If I have and idea and you have and idea we each of have one idea but if we share our ideas now we both have 2!  I don’t know about you but I love to learn from others so I can expand my repertoire and not reinvent the wheel.  Our main curriculum is computer based so I use our workboxes primarily for supplemental work.   If you are using workboxes I would love to know from you What’s in Your Workboxes!

The Little Princess has not been wanting to do her workboxes lately (she much prefers computer work) so this week I am trying a Disney theme to see if I can raiser her interest.  Here is what we have in our workboxes:

Box #1 has a Belle puzzle.  I mentioned before I like to start her day with a puzzle and she REALLY likes this one so hopefully it will get her started on a positive note.

Box #2 has some Disney Princess Letter/Word tracing sheets.  She really needs to work on handwriting and building the fine motor skills and endurance needed to write so these tracing pages are great for helping her with that.

Box #3 is completely new to her.  This is Thinkin’ Science software we got from Hooked on Phonics.  I will be interested to see how she takes to this.  She hasn’t been very interested in science activities yet but this format may encourage her.

Box #4 has Type to Learn Jr. software.  She likes this one ok.  I think she is starting to figure out that she can type things rather than hand write them which is helping her to express herself more through writing but is not helping her motivation to work on handwriting.

Box #5 is a Disney Princess Activity book for the LeapPad.  This one focuses on math and mazes.  She usually loves this book so I think this will be a good “Break in the middle” for her to keep her enthusiasm up.

Box #6 is a Disney Princess stamp activity.  She enjoys it and it helps with her creativity and fine motor skills.

Box #7 is her final box of the day and I like to have her finish with some sort of coloring/drawing activity.  This week you guessed it, we are using Disney coloring pages.

So that’s what we have in our workboxes this week.  Now it’s your turn, what’s in YOUR workboxes?


About jreed1920

I am a mom to a beautiful daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We started homeschooling in January 2010 and it has been the best educational decision we have ever made. We use an ecclectic curriculum combining online learning with lapbooking and lots of hands-on, natural setting learning. We use Sue Patrick's Workbox System to keep it all together.
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2 Responses to What’s In Your Workboxes Wednesday 8/18/2010

  1. Robinella says:

    Changing the theme to interest her sounds like a great idea. I was never able to implement the workbox idea. Too lazy on my part. Instead, I use the file system. It took a little more work at the beginning, but all 36 weeks are planned out and since it is labeled as a week not a date, I don’t stress if we don’t finish.

    • jreed1920 says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I am pretty loosey goosey with her workboxes since they are primarily supplemental stuff. Our core curriculum is computer based which she loves and I have that planned out for the full year but we go at her own pace. Since I don’t have to put much thought into getting her core curriculum together I think it gives me a little more motivation to keep her workboxes going. I will definitely keep the file method in mind though in case these workboxes do become tedious.

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