Review: Time4Learning


Pros: Complete curriculum, flexible and customizable, includes lesson plans and offline worksheets and activites, very engaging and interacive, makes it fun for kids to learn.  Great reporting tools, forums to share ideas with other parents.
Cons: Can be difficult to keep track of where your child is if they work independently and do not follow the prompted lesson choices, if there is a problem with the site or the internet your lessons can get derailed for the day.

Time4Learning  teaches prek-8th graders math, language arts and more using animated lessons, printable worksheets and interactive activities. This is our main curriculum. My daughter has done very well with this. She is able to work at her own pace and enjoys the teaching style. The familiar characters and lesson structure allow her to focus on the content rather than trying to figure out the instructions for the activities.  We are working on 1st Grade Language Arts and Science but she still has a few Kindergarten Math lessons to complete and Time4Learning makes this very easy for us to manage and it is seamless for her.   Once she finishes her Kindergarten Math I will moe her up to 1st Grade Math with the click of a button, very simple.

Time4Learning has been very helpful for my visual learner.  The animation and songs really help the material sink in and hold her interest much longer than traditional book/worksheet lessons.  She enjoys using this system so much she will ask to do “lessons” throughout the day and on weekends, she doesn’t view it as work but she is learning so much.

The reports are great not just for having a record of what your child has covered in the curriculum but what things may need more reinforcement.  I go through the records and then find the corresponding worksheets and offline activities for areas that she needs to work on a bit more and put those activities into her workboxes so I am able to utilize Time4Learning in so many ways throughout our learning time, and not just on the computer.

Overall we are very pleased with Time4Learning and would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a complete curriculum that is easy to implement and really works to help your student learn.  This is great for home schoolers and really any parent who may want supplemental activities for their public/private schooled child as well.


About jreed1920

I am a mom to a beautiful daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We started homeschooling in January 2010 and it has been the best educational decision we have ever made. We use an ecclectic curriculum combining online learning with lapbooking and lots of hands-on, natural setting learning. We use Sue Patrick's Workbox System to keep it all together.
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  2. I’ve heard a lot of positives about Time4Learning. My son definitely is not the workbook type so I’ll have to check it out!

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