What’s in Your Workboxes Wednesday? What Happened?

As some of you have noticed I did not have a workbox update this Wednesday.  Why?  Well several reasons actually not the least of which is the fact that our workboxes this week are exactly the same as they were last week!  They have remained largely untouched because quite frankly my daughter has decided she really does not like working out of the workboxes.   I guess I should say it is not so much that she doesn’t like the workboxes, she just REALLY likes doing her school work on the computer.  Since our main curriculum is computer based I have been letting that be her focus and sort of ignoring the workboxes.    We do still love the system itself but I have modified so that the “number strips” now use icons for her different computer programs and she uses that to independently move through her work.

I am definitely going to have to rethink how/if we consider using the boxes themselves.  I may use them for special projects or unit studies.  We shall see.  Flexibility is key here and we are going with whatever works.  Learning is happening and we are happy.

If you have any ideas or suggestions as to how you are using your workboxes or modified the workbox system to work better for you I would love to hear it!


About jreed1920

I am a mom to a beautiful daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We started homeschooling in January 2010 and it has been the best educational decision we have ever made. We use an ecclectic curriculum combining online learning with lapbooking and lots of hands-on, natural setting learning. We use Sue Patrick's Workbox System to keep it all together.
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